Why become a membership organisation?

  • Have you ever wondered why there is no central hub in the UK for voiceover artists to learn, connect and support each other? In a quickly evolving industry, there is a need for a friendly and supportive community to help voiceover professionals connect and advise them in all aspects of the business. By becoming a membership organisation we can strengthen the industry and help our members to get more work through networking, workshops and offering advice on social media, marketing and more. We believe that by coming together as an industry it will make us stronger.


Is there a contract?

  • No, there is no contract.


As the events are now for members only, what about producers, agents and production companies? Will they stop coming?

  • Absolutely not! Our events are about bringing everyone in the industry together. We will continue to work very hard to ensure we have lots of useful people at each event. At each monthly event there will be a select number of producers, agents and production companies invited. By becoming a membership organisation we can put more time into getting all the best people at our events.


What exactly do you get as a member?

  • Access to our fantastic monthly events, workshops and members only area of the website, a subscription to The Buzz magazine, a one-to-one session with our sound engineer, discounts on products and services from our partners and trusted suppliers and advice on all aspects of the industry including marketing, social media, showreels, home studios, your voice and lots more.


How do I claim the discounts on products and services from your partners and trusted suppliers?

  • All the information will be in the members area of the website under ‘Partners’ tab.


I’d like to write a guest blog or contribute to the next edition of ‘The Buzz’. How do I do that?

  • We are always looking for contributors to our blog and articles and success stories for our magazine, so please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Is the membership just for voiceover artists?

  • No, we welcome anyone who works in the industry to join including producers, sound engineers, agents, casting directors and production companies.


How much will the events cost?

  • Our regular monthly events are ticketed at £10 with the big Summer and Christmas parties ticketed at a higher price. Details of the Summer event (June) and The Christmas Party (December) will be released about a month before. All events are available to members only.


I’m an experienced voiceover artist, what can The VoiceOver Network offer me?

  • We all need to keep learning and make sure we are at the top of our game. By becoming a member you will get access to our monthly events that are excellent for networking and bringing our community together as well as access to all the latest news and advice on technology, marketing, social media and more.


How much access will I get to your resident sound engineer, Rob Bee, and vocal coach, Yvonne Morley?

  • As a member you will receive a 30-minute one-to-one phone call with Rob Bee. He will listen to your home studio recordings and help to improve the quality by recommending improvements. He will then be on hand if you have any home studio problems i.e. a strange hum or something has stopped working. Rob will also be running workshops on home studio improvements including Pro Tools, Audition and Audacity. Yvonne is very excited to be working with The VoiceOver Network and is going to be running day workshops for all levels of voiceover artist as well as weekly courses too. Yvonne will also be running ‘vocal surgery’ days where you will be able to book a one-to-one session to discuss any voice issues. Details and tickets for workshops will be made available on the events page of our website.