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The VoiceOver Network is the #1 place for anyone working in the voiceover industry,
we are dedicated to helping, supporting and strengthening the voiceover industry.

Do you work in the voiceover industry?
Voiceover artist, producers, agent, casting director?
Meet likeminded people who work in the voiceover industry and keep up to date with all the latest industry news.
As part of The VoiceOver Network membership, we provide a whole host of benefits and we are passionate about providing
our members with the best events, training, webinars, help and advice within a friendly and supportive environment.
Learn & Improve

Learn & Improve

Are you looking to learn more and improve your voiceover and business skills?

Specialist Advice

Specialist Advice

Would you like to receive specialist advice on how to make sure your home studio is up to standard and the best it can be?

Voiceover Success

Voiceover Success

Are you hungry for more voiceover success but are not sure how to make it happen?

Strengthen The Industry

Strengthen The Industry

Help to strengthen the voiceover industry. Come and be part of an organisation that has voiceover artists best interests at heart.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to The Voiceover Hour webinar

    Access to The Voiceover Hour webinar

  • Being part of an amazing community of voiceover professionals

    Being part of an amazing community of voiceover professionals

  • Monthly industry events

    Monthly industry events

  • Workshops and training both in person classes and online

    Workshops and training both in person classes and online

  • Members-only area of website full of fantastic resources

    Members-only area of website full of fantastic resources

  • Subscription to ‘The Buzz’ magazine

    Subscription to ‘The Buzz’ magazine

  • Exclusive discounts on our wonderful partners products and services

    Exclusive discounts on our wonderful partners products and services

  • Access to our amazing  private Facebook group

    Access to our amazing private Facebook group

  • A profile page within the members area of the website

    A profile page within the members area of the website

  • Weekly e-newsletters containing news about our exciting events, workshops, services and more

    Weekly e-newsletters containing news about our exciting events, workshops, services and more

  • Help and LOTS MORE!!!

    Help and LOTS MORE!!!

What People Say About Us

  • Katie Flamman

    The Voiceover Network is an incredibly supportive group. Being a member has helped me gain confidence in my professional abilities, get fantastic training and experience (via courses, workshops, webinars & whole day events) but above all it's introduced me to wonderful, friendly, supportive voice actors who are happy to share their experiences - many of whom have become firm friends.

    Katie Flamman
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Melvin Vermeer

    Who doesn't want to be connected with great talent, fun people who give plenty of advice, education and support? The Voice Over Network is a fantastic platform where any one who is just starting out or an advanced voice talent can feel connected in a safe environment, so that you feel drawn in and motivated to stay on top of your game. Whether you live in the UK or abroad, it brings great people together.

    Melvin Vermeer
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Daniela Acitelli

    The VoiceOver Network has become crucial to me as an American living in the UK. I narrate audiobooks and the majority of my contacts are in America and I really started to feel isolated. Now I have a big group of massively talented, funny, brilliant people that I can reach out to and learn from. It's so important to stay connected. The VoiceOver Network is like a big happy family.

    Daniela Acitelli
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Claire Vousden

    Since joining VOND last year, I met some lovely, friendly and supportive people. I've learnt, and been truly inspired. The events, workshops, and discounts have been great, and the Buzz magazine, always a good read. There is a strong sense of community, lead by Rachael, who works so hard in planning, and running the business that is VOND . I'm looking forward to learning more, and building for 2017. Here's to a great year for all VOND members!

    Claire Vousden
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Guy Harris

    Looking to break into voiceover? You should certainly be looking at VON as part of your career progression. Great courses, a wealth of knowledge and advice at your fingertips.

    Guy Harris
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Bhav Parmar

    Together we are stronger, better and all round supported. The VO Network does this and more. Providing quality, top level information from technology to training, allowing you take control of your VO career in a fun and exciting way! Love to you all!

    Bhav Parmar
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Tori Robinson

    I have been to a few Events and loved them all! So fun, helpful and kind environment!

    Tori Robinson
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Troy Rodger

    Since I've been a member of The VoiceOver Network, I've been fortunate enough to make lifelong friends. Those who have bent over backwards to make me feel welcome in the VO industry. The VO Network members support each other in their growth and make working in what can be a isolating career, feel like a close family. Thanks all!

    Troy Rodger
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Cherise Silvestri

    Dave Fennoy's video gamer workshop, hosted by VO Network, was fantastic. Looking forward to attending more of the networking events when posible this year and expanding my professional support system.

    Cherise Silvestri
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Nicola Redman

    Incredibly supportive community with lots of great opportunities to network and enhance practical skills for both your voice and business.

    Nicola Redman
    VoiceOver Artist and Vocal Coach

  • Dianne Weller

    The incredible thing is that Rachael Naylor has not only found a home for Voice Over talent to come together share experiences, good practices and knowledge but she has invented an incredible place for us to learn, grow and develop our talents that seems never ending both here and abroad.  A truly exceptional idea. Thanks VON you have given me an agent, contacts and most importantly a community of people to draw from and hang out with... now that's cool.

    Dianne Weller
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Gabrielle Baker

    The Voice over network is a very special group of all those different people who a part of this industry. Newbies or old timers are all part of the family and the support from colleagues on this site is so important. I often ask for advice and it is always forthcoming in abundance and with genuine affection. Thank you to the whole group for being really amazing!

    Gabrielle Baker
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Sarah-Jane Vincent

    The VoiceOver Network is an amazing resource. Supporting those just starting out or Established Voice talent. The Webinars are informative and inspiring varied and thought provoking. So glad I joined.

    Sarah-Jane Vincent
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Tim Hartwell

    As an English Voiceover artist living in Australia, it can be quite difficult and daunting .However the VoiceOver Network takes away those fears with the help of the members who provide reassurance and top tips. There is also plenty of opportunities to listen to some great seminars from top pros on different aspects of the industry . I sometimes wish I lived closer, but this is the next best thing!

    Tim Hartwell
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Jehanne Saaidah

    What a brilliant network this is! A wonderfully supportive community of voice artists, this network is truly invested in helping shape and grow the future of VO, offering fantastic training and networking opportunities - all with a massive dose of inspiration and enthusiasm!

    Jehanne Saaidah
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Cheryl Tissot

    The VoiceOver Network is the difference that I have been looking for. As a member you feel safe and supported which in turn makes the industry stronger. Not only as individual talent but as a collaborative group. I joined fairly recently but I have already forged relationships that will last. This along with the career tools and training available has made joining the best thing I have ever done!

    Cheryl Tissot
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Isi Adeola

    A great network to be a part of for training, collaborating and networking with other voice actors, agents, producers and teachers in the UK! Really glad I joined in 2016 and I look forward to what the VO Network has in store for 2017!

    Isi Adeola
    VoiceOver Artist

  • Trev Flemming

    I've only ever found the Voiceover Network to be a wonderful resource, a fantastic opportunity, and an amazing community. Everyone involved is thoroughly committed to enhancing your voiceover career. Can't recommend it enough.

    Trev Flemming
    VoiceOver Artist


    March Animation VOND Event
    VOND Video Games Event
    GET YOUR GAME ON London 2018 workshop
    The VoiceOver Network Summer Party
    Dave Fennoy VOND Event
    Above and Be VOND Event producers and talent
    Best Business Enabler Award
    The VoiceOver Network
    Above and BeVOND 2018  event

    Upcoming Events

    • Above and BeVOND LONDON 2019

      28-09-2019 9:00 am


      Above and BeVOND London 2019


      Sponsored by

      Come connect and experience this empowering weekend with other voiceover professionals.

      Above and BeVOND is an incredibly popular 2 day voiceover experience like no other ....... the ULTIMATE VOICEOVER CONFERENCE WEEKEND to Learn, Connect and be Inspired!. It involves inspiring talks by top industry professionals, workshops where you get to work closely with casting directors and voiceover coaches, a safe and supportive networking environment, exhibitors who are on hand to help you grow your voiceover business as well as SO much more.


      "Loved it! Book before tickets are sold out. Wonderful guest speakers and workshops” Mike Brunner


      Read More

    • Performance Capture with Jessica Jefferies - November 2019

      02-11-2019 12:00 am

      Performance Capture workshop with Jessica Jefferies

      In London

      Performance Capture and Motion Capture are an area of the entertainment industry that is growing at a very fast rate.

      Is this an area of the industry that you are interested in working in?

      If so, then this is the workshop for you. 

      'I think the workshop was brilliant and very insightful. Jessica is an amazing human being and a good teacher. The 2 days were interactive and the tasks we did gave me valuable info on the world of motion capture.' - Hai Le

      Read More

    • 'BEYOND NARRATION - Freeing Your Mind, Body & Voice for Exceptional Reads' with Dian Perry

      12-10-2019 10:00 am

      'BEYOND NARRATION - Freeing Your Mind, Body & Voice for Exceptional Reads'

      with Dian Perry 

      in London



      Voiceover Narration is the key to having a successful and sustainable voiceover career. It is often referred to as the bread and butter of a voiceover's career. It's not just about booking the jobs but it is important to make sure you nail the read so that your client comes back with more work.

      Many voiceover books and workshops address the craft of narration, including some solid techniques which can be really useful in turning out a decent read. 

      But, what goes on inside a great narrator to make them great? 

      How do you get ‘out of your head’ and be fully present when you’re narrating?

      How can you get connected to the text and invested in the client’s message?

      How do you keep your inner critic from derailing your read?

      How can you find work in this lucrative area of voice over?

      This intensive two day workshop will answer these questions and many more. There will also be ample recording time in a professional audio suite.

      Read More

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