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Creating Epic Performances Every Time, Written by Fiona Maguire

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Creating Epic Performances Every Time


Your success as a voice over actor, as Andrea Toyias, Blizzard Entertainment, stated in The Buzz Magazine issue 16, p.8, will come from bringing “deep, profound emotions to life (is) by tapping into an actor’s most treasured and sacred asset……themselves… Their own personal life experiences.”.

So what prevents actors from being able to tap into their emotions? It is the same thing that stops people feeling and expressing their emotions in everyday life.

It is the unconscious mind’s belief that taping into the emotions is scary, harmful and even life threatening. This belief has been embedded into your unconscious mind by numerous ways that I explain below:


1. Your parents or caregivers teaching you that it is not right, appropriate, intelligent or safe to feel and express emotions.

What your parents, family and society teach you before the age of around 7 gets programmed / conditioned into your unconscious mind. You get conditioned to believe healthy things and unhealthy things about yourself and the world.

Not being able to feel or express your emotions is unhealthy. It not only prevents you from stunning performances, built up and locked in emotions causes stress and serious illness.


2. Not being taught how to feel and express emotions.

Did your parents express their emotions around you? Did they do this in a healthy way?

It is natural for us to copy the behaviour of the people around us, especially as young children.

I am constantly amazed how many people are not in touch with their emotions and do not know what they feel. However, they often still act out like 2 year old children throwing a tantrum.




3. Or trauma.

Trauma can happen in one isolated traumatic event. Or a person can become traumatised when they have been placed under a lot of stress frequently over a period of time. Peter Levine, an expert in trauma, calls this Prolonged Stress.

I can imagine that if you are struggling to get work this can be very stressful? I have been an Entrapenure for over 21 years and I can relate to this.

If you have problems reaching down into the depths of your soul to pull out your deep emotions, that create epic performances, do not worry.

If you recognise yourself in any of the above examples of conditioning and trauma and are effected by it, again do not worry.

The good news is that the unconscious mind can let go of conditioning and you can be free from trauma. The great news is that this does not have to take years of therapy! In fact it can happen in about 6 weeks, to the extent that you never run the old conditioned program again. Imagine being able to access your life experiences in a healthy and insightful way… which enables you to feel and express a range of emotions, that bring your performance alive and a depth of authenticity to your characters…


Fiona Maguire has a degree in Psychologist, she worked in the NHS and social service as an assistant psychologist. She found there was a quicker way to help people heal themselves and she calls it intuitive transformational coaching.


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