RØDE Microphones

RØDE Microphones is one of the world’s largest microphone manufacturers based in Australia and is an internationally recognised name in studio, professional broadcast and consumer electronics. 

Discount for members of up to 30% off RODE equipment.


Since 2006, Guy Michaels has worked with over 700 artists producing Voiceover Demos: Commercial, Corporate, Drama, Narration, Animation/Gaming.

The only service of its kind in the UK - a truly custom experience and limited to 2 clients a week for quality. Each reel is planned, recorded and produced to the highest standards.

Confident working with VOs at all levels.

“Your voice-reel says as much about me it does about you. Quality is an obsession.” Guy Michaels

Your Discount - As a member of The Voiceover Network, provide Guy with your membership number when booking:

* Radio Drama + Audiobooks     £275 (Save £25)

* Corporate Demo                     £275 (Save £25)

* Commercial Standard              £325 (Save £25)

* The Double                            £425 (Save £50)

* Gaming + Animation               £400 (Save £50)

* The Triple                              £525 (Save £50)

CONTACT:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07973 445328

VOICEOVER KICKSTART ® - the free 6 week online voiceover programme, sign up at www.voice-reel.com





Focusrite is a global music and audio products group supplying hardware and software products for professional and amateur musicians, producers and recording engineers which enable the high quality production of music and audio.

The Focusrite Group has two established and rapidly growing brands; Focusrite and Novation.  The Focusrite brand makes audio interfaces and other products for audio recording. The Novation brand allows its customers to make electronic music using synthesisers and computer–enabled technology. Each brand has over 20 years of quality sound heritage and is well established in the music making industry.  Focusrite is also the UK distributor of two other respected audio brands – KRK, who make studio monitors and headphones and Cakewalk Sonar audio production software for Windows.

As a member of The VoiceOver Network, you are able to purchase products from any of the above brands and benefit from an exclusive discount plus free postage and packaging.






   Vocal Booth To Go

VocalBoothToGo provide sound blankets, vocal booths, sound booths and acoustic treatment products for the voiceover, acting, audio recording, music & broadcasting industries.





Kevin Leach - a former BBC sound engineer - of UK company In:Quality launched ipDTL as a cost-effective alternative to ISDN back in 2013.  It is now being used by broadcasters and voice overs around the world as a genuine replacement for ISDN.  With the new 'Tel' feature, You can even connect to traditional ISDN and phone lines from ipDTL, so it really is an all-round solution.

The VoiceOver Network Members get a discount when purchasing ipDTL


  Highly successful voiceover artist Guy Harris launched Voiceover Studio Finder earlier in 2016 due to the near impossible task of finding a studio to work from on the go.
Voiceover Studio Finder takes the hassle away. You can either register your studio or just use it to find studios around you.

Voiceover Studio Finder