Rachael Naylor - Founder and Owner of The Voiceover Network

As well as running The VoiceOver Network, Rachael is a busy voiceover artist, actress, writer, award-winning entrepreneur and mother to a 5 year old and 1 year old!

Rachael’s love for acting started at a young age when she was inspired by her actor Grandfather and loved seeing him perform in the West End. She trained as an actress at Richmond Drama School and soon after graduating, discovered voiceovers and absolutely loved working in this area of the industry. Rachael has been a voiceover artist for over 12 years and during that time has worked with a huge range of top brands including Virgin Media (yes, she’s their telephone voice), CNN, Nestlé, Olay, Sure, Channel 5, The Travel Channel and many more. In addition, Rachael has worked with Derek Jacobi and Hayley Atwell in The Martian Chronicles radio drama and voiced three One Direction films.

Her voiceover agent is Excellent Talent. As an actress, Rachael has worked in TV, film and theatre as well as on commercials for brands such as Persil. Her acting agent is Comedy Actors, London. Rachael is co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, ‘Shine: …it’s like glitter for your soul! ’, and contributing author of a second Amazon best-selling book, ‘Believe: … it’s like glitter for your soul! ’.

Rachael is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others in the industry and in 2014, officially established The VoiceOver Network, which aims to bring the industry together. She won the Entrepreneurs Circle’s, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year for London and the South 2014’ award, not only for her work on her voiceover business, but also with The VoiceOver Network. Rachael was also a finalist at the 2014 National Entrepreneur Awards for ‘Best Business Enabler’ for her work with The VoiceOver Network. She finds business and marketing fascinating and enjoys the challenges of running her businesses.

In her spare time, Rachael loves sport, is a keen snowboarder and scuba diver and likes to run to keep fit.



Meet our workshop teachers

Rob Bee - Sound Engineer

Rob Bee has been interested in sound from an early age. Graduating from Manchester’s School of Sound Recording in 2000 he worked for 12 years at one of the country’s top independent voiceover production studios – rising to become their senior production engineer – before leaving to set up on his own.

Now trading as Bee Productive he not only produces top quality audio, but also acts as a home studio consultant to professional voiceover artists and trains them (and other people) in audio production techniques.

Website - http://beeproductive.co.uk/
Blog - http://beeproductive.co.uk/bloggy-goodness/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BeeProductive
Twitter - https://twitter.com/bee_productive

Yvonne Morley - Vocal Coach

Yvonne has worked as a voice teacher and vocal coach for over thirty years.

She was Head of Voice for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art until July 2007 when she decided to return to freelance work. She is an associate with the National Theatre’s voice department, takes workshops for The Actors Centre and The Showreel as well production work for stage, screen and studio.
Theatre work includes training and coaching individual actors, singers, dancers and productions in and out of London’s West End.
Work abroad includes Canada, America, Europe and the Middle East.

Her non-theatrical work takes her into Business, Politics, Law, Medicine, Education, religious communities and the media.
Highly confidential work takes her into the Houses of Parliament and two of the Royal Palaces.

She serves as trustee for the Voice Care Network, is a member of the British Voice Association and is on the board of directors for the Riding Lights Theatre Company.

She co-wrote the highly popular booklet “More Care For Your Voice”
(Publ: Voice Care Network UK)  which has sold over 11,000 copies.
Her work training actors and voice artists to manipulate their voices safely is the subject for  her next book which is a performer’s guide to creativity and safety  - from the subtle changes through into the extreme - “Building Character Voice”