The VoiceOver Network is about helping and strengthening the voiceover industry by creating a friendly and supportive and environment for voiceover professionals of all levels.

'I started out as a voiceover artist over 12 years ago. Like a lot of people, I felt very comfortable in front of the microphone and have always enjoyed talking, so being a voiceover artist was the perfect career for me. I love my job and I think we have a fantastic industry full of wonderful people, but when I talk to people outside the industry, they are baffled as to why there is no central hub for voiceover artists!’ Rachael Naylor


The VoiceOver Network began in July 2013 when Rachael Naylor started organising small meetups with a few other voiceover friends, but realised very quickly how useful they were as an informal networking opportunity, particularly within an industry that can be isolating. So, she started running events on a regular monthly basis in central London and they’ve grown in size and popularity ever since, with our January 2015 event selling out in less than 28 hours, and our October 2014 event selling out in less than 90 minutes!

These events aren’t just for voiceover artists, but for anyone who works in the voiceover industry. Rachael works hard to make sure they are useful, so ensures attendees are a mix of voiceover artists, agents, producers, sound engineers, production companies and casting directors. Those who’ve come to our events have secured work, agents and clients, received advice and support and made new friends.

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Maintaining standards

The voiceover industry is an exciting place to work right now. It’s a booming industry! Everything is becoming audio and visual and with the rise of audiobooks, computer games and commercials, it’s no wonder that lots of people want to join in the action. The increase in celebrities and A-list actors getting involved in voiceovers has also raised the profile of our industry. With the influx of new talent along with the fact it’s easier now than ever to set up a home studio, there is a need to help educate and work together to ensure we maintain standards and a strong industry.

The VoiceOver Network welcomes experienced, intermediate and new talent. We are passionate about helping all levels within the industry.


The voiceover industry is evolving with changes in technology, marketing, P2P sites … it can be a mind field of information. Education is an important part of The VoiceOver Network in helping strengthen the industry. Whatever stage of your career, there is always more to learn whether it’s voiceover skills, home-studio recording techniques, accounting or marketing. Being a voiceover artist is not just about enjoying your career, but running a successful business. We want to help you develop and build your skills and business.

The VoiceOver Network is about bringing the industry together and we are passionate about providing the best advice, training and events within a friendly and supportive environment.

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